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Fattoria di Maiano a kids friendly farm in Tuscany, Florence

An enchanted fifteenth-century village. A panoramic view of rolling hills with forests of cypress trees and rows of olive trees. 5 kilometers from the center of Florence. Yes, the Maiano Farm in Fiesole has all the ingredients for a splendid vacation. It does not matter whether you stay a few days, a week or even longer because being here is enough to let you reach the peak of happiness and contentment.

The Maiano Farm provides many opportunities for growth and entertainment. Each one is unique. The whole family can enjoy the experience of living on a farm and touring the olive oil mill. Children can participate in educational classes and meet the strangest pair of birds in the region. Parents will definitely struggle to figure out how to convince their children to leave, but we leave each family to solve this problem on their own.

What can the kids do in Fattoria di Maiano?

They can pass the time in the open air of an authentic Tuscan farm. This alone is worth the price of admission. Being on the farm means walking along trails and paths between the olive trees to see the ducks, geese, ostriches, Amiatina donkeys, and limousin cattle. But they can also visit a pond with stone columns inside a former sandstone mine.

In a thick forest of cypresses, holm oaks and oaks, they can taste a packed lunched specially prepared for them. Naturally, mothers and fathers may also join the group and, step by step, enter the heart of the romantic Queen’s Park (also at night where you can hear the sounds and movements of wild fauna and farm animals). Along the trails, they can pause at sights such as the house of tea or the scenic outlook over the city of Florence.

To discover the special hidden places aound the farm, it is necessary that we put on our hiking shoes and walk cross-country. Or we can use bicycle wheels. There is a special Bike Gym which is a large course where people can develop their cycling skills. There is also an equipped open gym available for people of all levels where people can have fun, learn different sports, build friendships and live though athletics.

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A real farm for families in Florence

Among the stars that shine at the farm, there is, naturally, the Ristorante Lo Spaccio, where one can eat traditional dishes for lunch while sitting either on the terrace with a view of the hills and live trees, in the room by the fireplace, or in the Olivaia room. Here one can purchase and take home agricultural products of the highest quality such as extra virgin olive oil or vegetable soup to enjoy before coming back again.

You may wonder how it is possible to have the experience of living on a real farm which is so close to the city of Florence. For over 600 years, the Maiano farm with its small village and scattered houses has represented a source of immense pride for the area between Fiesole and Florence. This is the same region that has seen the works of artists such as Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, Benedetto e Giuliano Maiano and Boccaccio.

Who would have thought that six centuries later the fame of this farm would go beyond the local region and gain important recognition in Los Angeles to the west and Tokyo to the east? Today three generations of people work in this operation to balance tradition and innovation, maintaining original tastes while experimenting with new flavors. The common thread that holds all this together is the ancient art of hospitality to which everyone dedicates themselves.

Apartments, food and pool

There is a range of 12 apartments from which to choose which can sleep up to 10 or 11. Located in the heart of the village, these are in restored antique buildings either from the farm or an old sheltered convent. By thinking of these classic buildings, one can imagine the variety of choices, ideas, emotions and surprises that one will encounter on the farm. The guests will find a swimming pool with a panoramic view (open for children) and other areas for relaxation.

But there are also courses in art and restoration, food and wine tastings, workshops, and tours and off-road hiking in Tuscany. In the farm, one finds a romantic park with paths for all ages, animals, vegetable gardens, a playground, and a restaurant with a bar. Near the farm, the traditional Tuscan trattoria, the gelateria artiginale, and the adventure park are appealing for people of all ages. There is so much to do, so much to learn and so many places to explore, it is impossible for anyone to be bored.

Green and sustainable holiday for kids

There is another beautiful feature of this farm that is very important to us. This farm is completely organic and when we pour a stream of olive oil on a piece of homemade bread or we taste our dishes, we complete a journey that started much earlier and grew out of our passion, love and talent for cultivating fresh food. In November and December, high quality frantoio and moraiolo olives are harvested exclusively by hand and in just a few hours, they are pressed in our farm’s olive mill before being stored and final bottling. These essential steps, guided by our artisans, are tasted within those drops of fresh and fruity olive oil that we pour on bread. Children love this typical Tuscan lunch.

The greatest product of this work is the excellent Laudemio olive oil. The experience of a guided tour of the olive oil mill to discover every single step of the production of this highest quality olive oil is truly an exploration of art and history. One can see the fruit, the place, the time and the artisans who combine to make an olive oil produced entirely by a single producer. This tour, inspiring for young and old, always concludes with a tasting of the olive oil. Not bad.

Fattoria di Maiano’s amenities

General Amenities

  • Gardens and Swimming Pool with a Panoramic View
  • Restaurant with Bar
  • Area for Relaxation
  • Romantic park with paths suitable for all ages
  • Off-road hiking tours
  • Night hiking
  • Open-Air Bike Gym
  • Art and Art Restoration Courses
  • TV, Hair dryer, dishwasher, iron, and ironing board in the apartments
  • Guided tours of the Olive Oil Mill and the Villa di Maiano
  • Wi-Fi in the gardens, external areas and reception
  • Parking

Amenities for Children

  • Swimming pool with an area for children
  • Play Ground
  • Workshops and classes
  • Workshops on the farm with animals and the vegetable garden
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