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The nice and lively rooster is the symbol of the “Red Rooster” farms in South Tyrol, a brand joining together the topics of “farm holidays”, “farm bars”, “quality products” and “farm handcrafts” aiming at ensuring the quality of products and services. Mission of the “Red Rooster” is to “put people in touch with the rural world of South Tyrol”.

A farm holiday in South Tyrol is a holiday full of pleasant experiences, rest and relaxation during any season of the year! At present over 1,600 selected farmhouses offer holiday stays where rural life is inseparably bound up with the quality of the service and a genuine hospitality. Small farms with maximum four holiday flats or eight double rooms make for a cosy and personal atmosphere. The number of flowers from one to five stands for the quality, service and value of the experience. Guests can take advantage of a real back-to-nature experience, taste, and even buy, the genuine and healthy home-made products: fresh milk, different types of cheese, fruit and vegetables, tasty jams and fruit juices, all from the South Tyrolean mountain farms and fresh on the table. They are even perfect as presents! The quality-controlled products from farmers bearing the “Red Rooster” seal of quality don’t only have traceable origins, but are also a guarantee of excellent taste and the highest quality. They are made from raw ingredients inspected and cultivated under strict conditions and are 100% South Tyrolean.

With “Red Rooster”, you can discover rural culture for yourself along with your family and friends in one of the most beautiful regions of Europe. From the impressive peaks of the Dolomites to the sunny Vinschgau valley, from the picturesque Eisack river valley to the gentle charms of the southern South Tyrol, there are a lot of farms to choose from. Over 13 types of themed farmhouses will meet your personal needs and make your tailor-made holiday: family-friendly, riding, organic and historic farms; farms for hikers and bikers, with facilities for disabled or equipped for allergic people, as well as fitness or wine-tasting farms, eco-run farms, and those equipped with “Kneipp” parcours or situated on a high altitude mountain.

“Red Rooster” means holidays in touch with nature in any season of the year. A stay in spring will let you blossom with nature: in the spring months of April and May a vast area of 18,000 hectares on the sunny side of the Alps is in blossom and thousands of apples start to grow. The mild and sunny climate in South Tyrol creates the ideal conditions not only for fruit growing, but also for your holiday in the country. In summer months fruits of the several vineyards and orchards are ripe to be picked up by the farmers who will process them into tasty, fresh, hand-made products for their guests. Choosing a farm holiday in autumn is the ideal time of the year to experience the harvest in the country: a large number of South Tyrolean villages hold their own colourful harvest festivals. Those looking for relax in winter, in the snow and far away from the stressful daily routine, will find it on a farm in South Tyrol.

South Tyrolean “Red Rooster” farmhouses for families and children are a real paradise for everybody and you will be really looking forward coming back!

For children
Whether it’s hide-and-seek in the meadow, playing around outside or feeding the animals in the stables, a holiday on a family-friendly farm in South Tyrol can offer your children all this and lots more. The recipe is quite simple: take a few days of holiday, your children, a rucksack full of the spirit of adventure, load it all into the car and drive off to South Tyrol to enjoy pure nature, fun for all the family and warm hospitality. While the kids play with the rabbits, stack hay or pick raspberries, the grown-ups will be able to take a long-earned rest, simply lounging around and enjoying the time with their children.