Via dei Sonteni, 6
38043 , Bedollo (TN)

Close your eyes and imagine waking up with the birds singing, open the window and see the mountains that are reflected in the lake, watching the cows and sheep grazing, attend their milking and have breakfast with products derived from their milk, taste of the delights honey tastes of berries, the homemade jams, freshly baked croissants, a room with hot music, books and board games available for your enjoy. To observe the magical sunsets of a thousand shades of red, yellow, pink salute you giving you the bye after a day full of a thousand emotions! It seems the story of Heidi, instead you find yourself at the Bosco Incantato!

This lovely B&B for families in Trentino is located right at the foot of the Forest with enchanted landscapes with walks and trips also possible with the stroller trekking that will be provided free by the property.

You can leave your home with only the suitcases of clothes without having to put the wheels of the house, sometimes it seems an impossibledream, but here you can! Be prepared to provide everything necessary for the care and enjoyment of your children is priceless. All need for children is provided by the owners for free, just make explicit requests and within reason, the owners will be at your disposal. Assured, you will not have to contend with tariff luxury hotel .. because you are in a true Bed & Breakfast for children in Trentino with an excellent quality/price ratio!

Getting up in the morning and decide whether to go to the museums, to make a nice dip in the pool or the lake, or walk in the city center or in the woods, slipping the foot of the lake, skating, skiing, let your children play in the sand of the sea while actually being in the lake in the mountains … all this here is possible within a few miles! Each day will be a new discovery! You can arrive and depart with the full freedom of time, stop and have a chat with the owners, feel free to run and play your children while you relax without thinking about anything.

The B&B Bosco Incantato is part of the prestigious chain of  “B&B di Qualità in ‘Trentino” and it is located in a villa with its own entrance and private bathroom! Patio reserved. Available guide to excursions, hearty breakfasts, agreements with restaurants / pizzerias, exclusive services and an excellent quality / price ratio. The room is fully thematic and equipped with all the amenities, there is also a thematic play area inside and a garden and terrace with a playground and gazebo. Parking and wi-fi are free!

Stube with full kitchen and wood burning stove, sofa and chair, games and books available to guests, available at an additional price.

Centrally located in ‘Pinè Plateau, the roof terrace has a stunning unique view on the lakes and the Dolomites, panorama visible from the comfort of your room. Available specific services and games for children and babies, offering entertainment and babysitting service on request.

An ideal destination for all seasons of the year, the pleasant summer weather, autumn with its palette of colors, the magic of snow and Christmas markets give a special touch in the gray winter days. Breakfast is served in the stube during the winter and in the summer will be served on the terrace.

Prices range between 38 and 43 Euros per night for adults, while children enjoy special discounts!

  • - Swimming Pool
  • - Excursions
  • - Generous breakfasts
  • - Agreements with restaurants / pizzerias
  • - Room fully themed
  • - Garden and terrace with a playground and gazebo
  • - Parking
  • - Free Wi-Fi
  • - Stube with kitchen and wood burning stove, sofa and chair, games and books available to guests at an additional price

  • - Thematic play area inside
  • - Services and specific games for children and babies
  • - Animation and babysitting service on request