Via Plan 117
23030 , Livigno (SO)

There is an ancient tradition of hospitality at the Hotel Touring Livigno renowned 4-star family hotel in famous Livigno in Valtellina. But you know, there’s nothing better than to touch what promised to transform into certainties the best expectations. Which in this case are the atmosphere of the intimate rooms, the refined tastes of the local cuisine, the rejuvenating treatments of internal Spa and the comfort and services of a holiday hard to forget, especially by children.

Just to get an idea, in addition to traditional entertainment both in winter and in summer, the Family Hotel Touring organizes very special events. An example? While parents sit down at the table, children, transformed into chefs, waiters and pizza chefs, prepare and serve the dinner to mom and dad!

But do not worry because of similar events for children, the calendar is full! In the summer the fishermen friends teach children and adults the pleasant activity of fishing revealing tricks and secrets. Vania helps children to create small art works of art with the natural gifts of the mountain, such as wood, hay and stones. And then there are the boat rides (without motor) on the lake and the paths and emotions of Larix Park the amazing forest of larch.

Winter goes good with organized excursions. On Tuesday we go all together to discover the glaciers and natural landscapes with the typical Rhaetian Bernina Express Railway Heritage. Wednesday relax at the historical Bagni Vecchi in Bormio. On Thursday aboard the sleigh pulled by Husky discovering nature and landscapes.

Don’t miss also the equipped wellness area to be regenerated by the combination of water and heat. There is a Finnish sauna to ease tension and shake off the stress and there is a revitalizing colored shower, and there is a whirlpool and a turkish bath.

But if there is an experience to try at all costs is the Brechelbad or Farmer Sauna. This is the reconstruction of an ancient alpine bath and a herbal sauna at 55 degrees with benefits vapors. One time ago, the farmers of the valley made fire in a fireplace with a pot full of water and filled with branches of fir, pine or mugo pine. The steam generated by boiling water gave off the fragrance of these branches with a balsamic effect on the body and mind. Faced with this opportunity, the children leave parents free to rejuvenate the senses.

At Hotel Touring, 4 star family hotel in Livigno children are more than welcome. Just look at the rooms, spacious and comfortable, where also find cot space, slides for single bed, bottle warmer, and baby bath. Here no two rooms are alike: the rooms are unique, each with its own personality and its services. A good reason to come and visit again! Between the new options of choice, in addition to connecting rooms, the news passes from Kids Room of games and slides, developed just for families with children.

The Valtellina cuisine is a constant reminder spaced out, for at least one evening, from giropizza according to the best Italian tradition.

Moreover the stüa, an all wood room according to local tradition. This of the Hotel Touring Livigno can accommodate up to 25 people in a reserved, quiet and full of charm setting. Just good food, maybe a cheese fondue, a meat delicacy or an ice cream of own production, manages to distract from the pleasure of being in such a distinctive setting.

The menu is obviously tailored for children with flexible hours and with a lot of baby food preparation for kids and crepes (with nutella and marmelades both in summer and winter). Yes, yes, this is really a Family Hotel.

  • - Restaurant
  • - Bar
  • - Minibar, satellite TV and Wi-Fi in the room
  • - Safe and telephone
  • - Jacuzzi
  • - Wellness area
  • - Finnish sauna and whirlpool
  • - Turkish bath
  • - Brechelbad or Farmer Sauna
  • - Relax room
  • - Revitalizing shower with chromotherapy
  • - Fitness Area
  • - Massage and beauty treatments

  • - Agreement with the Kinder Club Lupigno
  • - Cradle (0-6 months) in room
  • - Sides for single bed
  • - Baby bottle warmer
  • - Basin for the bath
  • - High chair at the restaurant
  • - Mise en place dedicated: dishes, glasses, placemats
  • - Menu tailored to children at flexible times
  • - Availability to prepare meals for the little ones
  • - Pediatric assistance available and for a fee
  • - Laundry service for a fee