Via Andrea Costa, 80
47841 , Cattolica (RN)

There is a word that is very fashionable here at the Hotel Murex, 3-star family-friendly Cattolica on the Adriatic Coast. And it is “news”. It is what every winter occupies the thoughts and actions of managers. And in the spring, with the arrival of the first sunny days, it involves small and large changes.

From the develop of new activities for children to modern and functional touches in decor of the lobby and the outdoor terrace, season after season, step by step, there is always something new.

And perhaps this is why families are not content to come here olny one time. They come back because they are satisfied of course, but also to go on the hunt for new ones to be discovered which make the experience of stay here always different. The Hotel Murex is located on the border between Romagna and Marche, in the picturesque marina, overlooking the Adriatic Sea.

All days kids, in the summer days, wait for animations, mini club and a ton of games while parents can choose from water aerobics and fitness, beach volleyball and beach tennis if they have a sporting spirit, sunglasses and sun cream if chasing relaxation.

For everyone, big and small, there is the outdoor swimming pool. There is the baby area where children can splash water throughout cheer and there is a whirlpool area where refreshments after a refreshing swim, even against the current.

And for those who want to go a step further into the world of wellness, wellness corner is home to mom and dad in an oasis of colors. Among the spa bath and sauna, whirlpool and sunbed in ozonated air waves, beauty and make-up treatments, there is plenty of time to indulge in all kinds of massage: relaxing or invigorating? Toning or lymphatic drainage? Just decide. And if you realize that everything you want from a holiday is relaxation, agreements with the specialized health centers are an opportunity not to be missed.

Identified the dates of your holiday, long or short it is, so choose your room. Alongside the traditional Standard, Classic, Superior and the Apartment, could not miss the Family Room, precisely designed for those who need more space. Do not worry, in this 3-star hotel, the amenities are always guaranteed, from satellite television to air conditioning to be adjusted on the basis of personal needs, through the private bathroom with shower or bath and direct telephone line. You can look out on the balcony or on the terrace and watch with serene lightness the immensity of the Adriatic sea and the play of lights in the sky.

Faced with the variety of colors of nature, even the little ones used to the artificial lighting of tablets and phones, remain amazed. The restaurant is also open for breakfast, is located on the sixth floor, to the Seventh Heaven Room, where the horizons they are more visible.

Here at Hotel Murex your dog is welcomed. Of course, in the restaurant can not enter, but extra care is guaranteed, and if something does not go your way, the veterinarian waits him in the office near the Hotel. Easy and convenient also.

Directly overlooking the marina of Cattolica, just a short walk from the city center as well as not far from the Equestrian Center “Horses Riviera Resort” in San Giovanni in Marignano. There are the beach and the animation, it is true, but also Aquafan and the Oltremare Park in Riccione, Italia in Miniatura and Fiabilandia Rimini, Mirabilandia in Lido di Classe. How to give up visiting all together at least one of these countries of toys?

  • - Air conditioning and satellite TV in the room
  • - Telephone, private bathroom with shower or bath
  • - Courtesy Line
  • - Balcony or terrace facing the sea
  • - Free Wi-Fi
  • - Panoramic restaurant
  • - Outdoor pool with swim against the current
  • - Jacuzzi
  • - Wellness corner
  • - Spa bath and sauna
  • - Jacuzzi with ozone, air waves beds, massages
  • - Beauty treatments and make-up
  • - Agreements with specialized wellness centers
  • - Beach volleyball and beach tennis
  • - Table tennis, water aerobics and fitness
  • - Free parking
  • - Pets Allowed
  • - Veterinarian

  • - Swimming pool with baby area
  • - Playground
  • - Mini Club
  • - Animation and entertainment
  • - Use of bikes